Tuition Coordinator

How much tuition coordinator can earn?

You can earn upto 50000/- per month. Just needed your sincerity for work and time commitment. Earn commission on each tuition settle by you. We will provide you parents number and tutors number, you just need to go with tutor to student’s house for first demo and if all going good than collect payment and earn commission.

This question is quiet common among all new tuition coordinator. Every  tuition coordinator entering into tutoring industry has the same doubt in their mind. Well the answer is not too easy as we think. As we know, how much a  tuition coordinator can earn depends on so many factors. To explain this in better way, we include few examples of our  tuition coordinators, how much they are earning , whereas they are covering, what is the maximum and minimum wages they can earn while working part time.

Basically the earning depend upon the following factors

  1. Area you can cover
  2. Time you can spend for the job

The more areas you can cover you will get more number of tuition to settle down. With in 7  days of payment confirmation you will receive  payment directly into your account. The second factor is timings, more time you dedicate more your earnings on result.

What are the requirements to become tuition coordinator?

  1. Required Excellent Communication and Convincing Skills
  2. Ability to Speak English Fluently
  3. Good and tactful skills in handling different types of customers
  4. Ability to provide at least a few hours a day for tuition coordination
  5. Ability to provide counselling for students

What are Your Duties as Tuition Coordinator?

Your is simply to connect tutor with parents and collect payment. We will provide parents details looking for tutors and list of tutors who would like to provide lessons.

Broadly, your job scope covers these responsibilities:

  1. Calling and liaising with clients to know their tuition requirements
  2. Shortlisting and matching the tutor according to client’s preferences. You are also required to approach the tutors directly from our database to know whether they are available for the assignment.
  3. Coordinating and matching the right tutor to our client, as well as processing the e-invoice and following up on the payment status.
  4. Collect the payment on our behalf and process it.

How is Our Working Environment?

  1. You are free to work from anywhere
  2. You are expected to use your own mobile for the process
  3. You are required to use your own home/mobile phone to speak to the client
  4. Entire process is carried out online, from searching of tutors , finding parents details and match tutor and student
  5. You are required to undergo training to manage different types of clients already know “Tutor growth == Sonlinetutor growth”


How to become tuition coordinator with us? 

Simply click on following button