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Choosing a home tutor job in Pune for part time tutoring work is one of the good decision you can ever make, You will find home tutoring jobs in Pune for primary level to postgraduate level . Private tutor jobs in Pune give you flexibility for time dedication and money earning. As we know tutor can start from one tuition job and take multiple tuition jobs according to time availability. The tuition fee also increase as grade of tutoring increases.

Now if you are ready to become a tutor in Pune. To start with this you can work as a private tutor in Pune. If you wish to work as a personal tutor than you get benefits like working on your own terms, starting your tutoring services with your own name. Now the next question is how can I find out students for tutoring in Pune? For that question first you have to understand how tutoring industry work. There are mainly two type of tuition provider in Pune from which you can get students. One is selling lead- where you do not need to pay any registration and commission fee. You can directly purchase parents contact details. Once you purchase parents contact details , you can book one free demo, if you get selected than you can directly collect your tuition fee from parents. It’s sound very easy but it is not because tuition lead provider always sell same parents contact details to multiple tutors and tuition providers.That will directly decrease the chances of your selection. Most of the time you did not even able to set up a demo because some other tutor having more experience than you set up a demo. The cost of acquiring a student is very expensive for this kind of option. Our few tutor reported that even to acquire first client they have to spend almost 5000 rs, which is not good deal. In other hand you can join a tuition agency in Pune, they will charge a registration fee to join and ask for commission for each successful tuition referral. The commission is vary from 25% of the first month tuition fee to first month complete tuition fee. In other hand some tuition agencies in Pune even charge on per month bases, so it will be recurring cut out from your tuition salary.For more clearance you can ask prior to join so you know the worth of your earning per month. In this kind of option there is a chances that you are getting less for first month but you will earn good from next month. Choosing a tuition agency have several benefits. First of all you do not have to take care about administration part, this tuition agencies always call on your behalf to customer and fix a demo for you. So you do not have to pay a single amount before tuition selection. Secondary most of the tuition agencies provide you study material to prepare which increase your chances of selection. The only drawback of joining tuition agency is registration fee and huge commission.

Whereas is very flexible for charging from tutors. We are working on flexible business model which take care about tutor’s benefits. We know only tutor hard work can make a tutoring company successful but other side acquiring a customer cost is huge for a tutoring company. We have to do marketing and get customer for all the tutors. That is why we always take care about both tutor and us.

Advantage to join

-We do not charge any registration fee .

-Under free lead category, is flexible in commission charge. We charge commission between first month 30%- 80 %(Depend upon tuition time period). For example if a student only join for a month or short time period than we charge 30% of first month that also not fix, we always take care about tutors benefits and it always be decide before tuition join.

-In case if tutor does not want to pay commission than we have option to purchase the leads. Tutor can choose one of our plan to join :- Paid lead or premium category. For paid lead category we do not charge any commission from tutor . Tutor simply purchase the lead at 250 Rs and get direct parents contact details. This all leads are verified with phone number and address. If tutor do not get parents contact details as mentioned than we directly refund the payment without asking any question. So in term of tuition we give 100% money back guarantee. The paid lead is only valid for one tuition, so if tutor is not get selected for class after demo than is not responsible for the same. In case tutor want tuition assurance than can go for premium category. In premium tutor category, tutor can get unlimited leads for a year and we assure minimum one tuition. So you will get maximum value for your benefit.


To become tutor with us you can fill up the form here.  To check our plans please visit paid lead category and premium tutor category.

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Best home tutor provider in Pune

Getting a home tutor provider in Pune is easy nowadays, there are so many home tutors in Pune available to provide freelancing tutoring services. To get a tutor parents just have to fill up an inquiry form on tutor provider’s website and will get a tutor at doorstep. So they think as a parent their responsibility to hire a good home tutor completed.This is what parents think while engaging a personal tutor for their kids. But is that enough because most of the time parents appoint a home tutor for better exam results . We are not telling hiring a tutor will not help to improve student’s exam performance but only depends on tutor is not the complete thing. Most of the time when we receive inquiries for the tutor , parents ask a simple question to us , “Is tutor is able to improve our child?” and our answer is “no”. Because a single tutor can not make your child to get better scores in exam. To improve kids result , we have to work on so many weak areas all together.

Hiring a tutor can help student to understand concept one more time or finish remaining portion, but what about student weaknesses? If we go in depth we find that most of time student losses marks because of weaknesses and other examination skills. Child already know the concept , but he does not know how to write the concept in exam, how to explain it, how to manage time for attempting each question etc. In addition to that , few students also have exam fear, problem with confidence, memory loss at the time of exam due to nervousness etc. So improving the result one should take care about all this aspects and weak areas of student. Before hiring a tutor one should understand student but unfortunately most of the tutor provider never do that, there work is simply engaging a tutor just like agencies arranging a maid, Tutor provider or other tutoring website only care about the commission they are getting from matching a tutor. They never understand one demo class is not enough for parents to find out about tutor.In first demo, parents can find only few things such as communication skills of tutor, subject knowledge and behavior of tutor with kids. But finding capability of tutor is not possible in one single demo class.

So what’s next , is that parents stop to hire a tutor or stop to hire a tutor from tutor provider ? The answer again is no. In Spite of that before hiring a tutor , parents should know about their kids. They should have a checklist of student’s weak areas. So while engaging a personal tutor they can discuss the same. This will help parents to know much about home tutor. It also help parents to find out tutor capabilities. Whereas at , we take this responsibility from parents. We provide one free counseling session before starting any tuition. Our whole counselling session is divided into two parts – diagnostic test and discussion round. First of all student has to take a diagnostic test, its check parameter i.e. reading skills , writing skills, English grammar, Mathematics skills etc. Through it a detailed report is generated. At second step our Councillor do a short discussion with parents and student. This discussion consist of questions regarding student’s other behavior problem , issue with any motor skills, exam fear , confidence issue, nervousness or any other personal issues which can be solve for student’s progress. At the end we give a complete report to parents and students so they can easily find out the areas to work for. It is not the end , it is just starting of our tutoring process.A sample report can be downloaded from here.

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In this process our next step is to find a tutor which can help to solve problems and improve student altogether. We already know a part time tutor can not do all this , his work is simple, come to your home and teach. But to solve this issue we already incorporate mentors with each student. Here mentor’s responsibility is to take care week by week child’s progress and generate a report which deliver to parents and tutor every week. In addition to that mentor also take care about customized teaching plans and methodologies to help students. This customized teaching plans includes visual graphics , animation, infographics , charts , videos, notes etc. We always include different method of teaching and suggest them to tutor for particular student. This are simple out of track methods to teach and useful for student’s growth. We find majority of students are not able to figure out complex concepts from traditional teaching methods but with the help of visuals , animations and video, student can easily learn this concepts and able to memorize for long time. But this trick not work well with all the students. For example, we had a student from class 8th cbse. He was not able to understand the concept from traditional teaching methods but his parent thought that tutor was not good enough to explain the concept and whenever he got less marks , they change the tutor. Finally they got tired from this process and approach for help. While counselling we find out that student was not able to create an image of the concept in his mind which make him difficult to remember and understand it for long time. For first instance we suggested to change traditional teaching method and included visuals and animations for teaching but still he was not improving. Finally after long discussion with our experts we came up with a solution to create customize game for him. This game is so simple, we divide each concepts into segments and dedicate a missing word puzzle for each segment. In starting he had to fill up missing words by seeing the book and later on he had to do it by his own. Slowly he was able to remember the complete concept and after that he did not need to check book to solve puzzle. This strategy might not work for all students but work well for him. We designed many more puzzles according to student need.

In other hand if a student is weak in maths than we define some other strategy to work out. e.g. we got a student from Singapore, she was equivalent to Indian class 9th student. In counseling we determined that she already knew each and every concept but she was losing here marks for silly mistakes. She always made silly mistakes and got different answer than desire , which results in less marks in maths. She got frustrated from this problem even though she knew the points where she was doing mistakes but not able to resolve it. After assessment we suggested and implemented a strategy to take customized weekly test for her. This customized weekly tests consist questions where she was doing mistakes. At each week we include this concepts with other concepts which she was learning during the week. We discuss this test results and mistakes every week with her. Slowly we found her mind acknowledge the points where she was doing mistakes and once those concepts come into test papers her mind put extra care for solving those concepts. This help her to avoid silly mistakes for particular concepts. But later on we determine that student adopted this method and whenever she found difficulty for a concept like this she implement the same strategy by own and now her results got improved day by day. Later on she secured A+ in maths. The discussion go on because we have so many strategies to discuss which we implemented for student growth.

In this concept , we forget to discuss about our tutor selection. So how we select a tutor differently than other tutor provider or home tutor site. In the process of selection we always discuss about student’s current situations with tutor. Tutor before going for demo know each and everything about student, which make easier for them self to know from where to start and what aspects to be cover while tutoring. To support tutoring session we provide study material, notes, lesson plans etc. In short our tutors occupy with all the tools required to teach particular student.

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In addition to that has a tie up with third party platform to provide study material. Our partner provides state of the art study material to help students. This study material include chapter wise notes, animation for each concept, objective question test for each concept etc. Apart from that it also consist complete subject test. Anyhow make compulsory for its student to give weekly test on this platform.This weekly test give us an idea of student academic progress. Each week the result is also get discuss with parents and tutor. So tutor also know about student’s in depth knowledge about concept and if require tutor teach one more time. In conclusion, we are the first educational marketplace in India, who just not only provide tutors but also track and support student progress.

We always suggest parents not to hire simply a tutor just take advantage of other services provided by us. To book a tutor or for free counselling you can fill up the form here.
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