1.Pay 150rs using Paytm.

2.Once you pay, whats app following details immediately to 8446441611. (i) Job code
(ii) Payment proof.

3. After payment verification we immediately share parents number With you.


Paytm qr code sonlinetutor

Terms :-

1. You become premium tutor for this particular lead.This payment does not valid for any other lead.

2. This all leads are verified by us. In case you find out the lead is not same as we discuss you can use your money for other leads.

3. We do not charge any commision for paid lead.

4. Tutor is reaponsible for all administration part of the lead. SONLINETUTOR.COM does not talk for the payment, scheduling of demo etc. Tutor has to do by him/her self.

5. For paid lead you are an individual tutor, you should not use the name of sonlinetutor in any mean.