How Sonlinetutor is different than other tuition provider?

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How Sonlinetutor is different than other tuition provider? is a leading home tutor provider in India. There so many home tuition provider who provide tutoring jobs, we included a compression to explain why is much better than any other tutor provider.


Category Other Service Provider
Registration fee Null 1000-1500/-
Commision Categories available for no commision. 25%-100% for first month tuition fee
Demo Assurance Yes NO
Tuition Assurance Yes No
Tuition Fee Collect your own tuition fee Companies process tuition fee
Business Assurance Yes



1.Registration Fee & commission:-

Tutor has to pay a registration fee to join any tuition bureau or tutor provider. This registration fee vary from city to city and bureau to bureau. The minimum registration fee start from 500/- and goes upto 1500/-. This is the one time registration fee but along with that tutor has to pay commission as well on per tuition selection.So at the end of first month tutor is ended up with no earning which means tutor is working free for first month. Whereas is the platform which do not charge any registration fee.Along with that we have two more categories(Paid Lead Category and Premium Tutor Category) where tutor no need to pay any commission to us.Tutor can independently collect their tuition fee from parents directly without any confirmation from us. So in that way the complete earning go to tutor’s pocket.

2. Demo Assurance:-

There are so many lead provider in India who charge initially for connects or coins and than give fix parents number with reference to coin or connects spending. In this type of lead purchase or parents contact purchase tutors are not sure that parents are going to take the demo session. Because every parent has specific need towards his child which include female tutor, tuition budget, tuition timings, area where tutor stay etc. This all can only be discuss with parents after tutor purchase parents contact details so if any of the criteria did not match tutor is going to lose money. In other hand , is the first lead provider in India who give “demo assurance” on lead purchase. In demo assurance you can first discuss with parents in details on call. So before spending your money for lead you can ensure about parents are going to take the demo or not. In case if parent does not give demo confirmation than you do not need to pay any money to us.This facility is available under “Paid Lead Category”.

3. Tuition Assurance:-

Along with Demo Assurance, is also offer a category name with “Premium tutor” which give tuition assurance to tutor. In premium tutor category give money refund guarantee. After becoming a premium tutor, Sonlinetutor ensure minimum one tuition in complete year, so if we fail to give a tuition than we will refund the money. In addition to this, our premium tutor who are ready to dedicate four to five hours with us can easily earn upto 25000 per month. We are giving a preference and priority to our premium tutor. So under premium tutor category we will ensure Business to our tutor. is keep upgrading the facilities for the tutor , become tutor with us today.To become a tutor click here.

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