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I am very weak in maths. How can I develop it?

Maths Enhancement Program(MEP) is the correct solution for you . MEP give you the basic level to start. You can learn maths step by step which help in progress of your maths . Now how can you find out best maths enhancement program provider in Pune or online ? Here is the solution, offer free online Maths Enhancement Program. But before starting the program you can do a free counselling session with us. Counselling session decide the point and level of your current maths. This also help us to design customized worksheet and study material for you.  To start the program you can register free here.  Our program consist of different level ,state of art study material and live online session which help you to improve maths.But before start first you have to do few things for yourself. Firstly you have to understand that Maths is not physical ability , it is all about your mental ability. Fortunately, You can not change physical disabilities but you can change mental ability by changing your thought process. To improve in maths first you have to remove negative thought from your mind. Think positive about math. Math is as easy as you are breathing. For an example your mother is very good in cooking food, but she was not perfect from beginning, she start to learned from some point. Now you are loving the food made by her. For this delicious food she dedicated time and had eager to learn which make her better and best cook.Similarly You can also become perfect in Math. You have to take smaller steps each day to improve maths, it will not come in a single day, it take time, effort and hard work.  So never get disappointed  instead of that work hard and smart for it. For your ease I included few suggestion and tricks to help to improve your math.


Firstly if you are weak in maths and want to start , go for hiring a personal math tutor in Pune. There are so many home tutor provider in Pune, but you can find best home tutor in Pune from us. We know in school and coaching center , student is not able to work better  because of  teacher pace is not equivalent to student learning pace, whereas in one to one tuition you can easily ask doubts with tutor and tutor will go according to your learning pace. In case if you do not want to hire a tutor than you can take your school classes seriously. Try to note down each and every concept in your book, never skip your classes, for further understanding try to find out steps involved in solving a particular math problem. Never try to learn this concepts in classroom if teacher is faster than you, you can just copy them down for future reference. You can ask your friends later or ask teacher separately if you did not grasp any concept.


Secondly always complete your homework on time, homework always helps you to practice more for a concept. Maths is more about practice. Sometime when we see concept , we think it is easy to solve but later on when questions to be given for particular topic, we are not able to solve it. This happen because of lack of practice.  If you do practice than you will learn and understand it better. Apart from that you can try to solve few extra worksheet regarding  same concept.  This extra worksheet are downloadable from online. You can simply search free maths worksheet for particular concept and you will get lot of links and websites. For your reference we list few of our favourite websites for maths worksheet.



  • Math-Aids



This are the best websites we found to help you to generate free worksheet for maths. Even Though if you want customized worksheet for any specific topic or chapter, you can write to us , we will provide free math worksheet to you.


In further process if you have any doubt in  homework or math  worksheet than you can ask to your teacher in extra time, they will help you to solve it or you can ask free video solution from us. We provide free video solution for your maths homework help. You can check few of our examples on our youtube channel here.  In other hand to become master in maths you have to solve extra problems whenever you find out time. Please do not wait for exams. Try to solve question , take challenges, practice more, solve more worksheet , do hard work this all are required to make you master in math. In addition to that to become more confident in math you can always teach your learned concept to others. Try to get involved into discussions with your friends, try to explain them and teach concepts which you already know. That will boost your self confidence for math. We found majority of student loos marks in maths because of confidence and teaching is the best way to build up your confidence.


Apart from this , always follow strict time table and complete the task on time. Time table help you to organize yourself in better way. Try to make time table before exams  and divide chapters according to time frame available. Try to set achievable goals for each day. For example if you know that you are only able to solve one chapter a day then try to stick to one chapter a day not go beyond that, because this results in demotivation and frustration. Further you should manage your time table in such a way that you can find out enough time to do revision. Revision is mandatory and required to get good scores in Maths. For revision prospective you can make small notes and key points. Try to devote a different notebook for key points and notes. Always make a habit to note down chapter wise key points into notebook. This will help you to make your revision process simple.


In case if you require any further assistance feel free to contact us on 7014707103, we are available on what’s APP as well or you can fill up your details here, we will surely get back to you.

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Weak in Math, here is a solution.


Math is much like a building blocks game, which we used to play in childhood. Each concept is defined as a building block. If you want to make a beautiful architecture you have to join a pile of building pieces. Likewise in Mathematics, you need to become expert in one concept before you can successfully go ahead to expand another concept. Our first numerical building pieces are built up in elementary school, when we learn rules for basic mathematics operations like addition, subtraction, division etc, and those first concepts involve our further establishment and expertise in Mathematics.


The following building pieces are useful to learn further concepts in secondary school, and secondary education give us an opportunity to explore concepts of equations and operations. This concepts needs to soak in and turn out to be “firm” before students can proceed onward to grow this structure of learning.


The enormous issue begins to show up at some point between secondary school and higher school, since concepts are become more complex and tougher than previous concepts. In the higher school, more than two to three previous years concepts are used to solve general problem. For example, If we want to learn application of trigonometry, we should understand the Pythagoras Theorem than only the further concepts like sin and cosine of angle can be understood.   Students  who gain a “C” grade in secondary school have retained and comprehended about portion of what they ought to, yet they proceed onward in any case. They proceed onward or are proceeded onward, in light of the fact that


  1. They think a C is adequate;


  1. Parents don’t understand that proceeding onward without a full understanding represents a major issue for higher classes and university education;


  1. Teachers don’t have time to guarantee that each and every child understand each and every concept .


So education move to the college level with a truly incomplete understanding of concepts . Furthermore, the result of any incomplete understanding of concepts  is that there will be a genuine impediment with regards to building—and genuine potential for finish disappointment sooner or later.


The lesson here? Any student who gets a C in a math class should go for a diagnostic test and should understand the weak areas in math. If students know they are weak in Mathematics, they can go for Mathematics enhancement programs. Actually, student can hire a home tutor for one to one concept explanation or can revise previous year Mathematics concept. That’s how you can improve your Mathematics. provide free online Mathematics Enhancement program. As of now more than 300 students already get benefited from this  program. Co-founder Aashish says, “Joining Mathematics Enhancement Program is free of cost, as we do not want to charge for online course.  Any how we do charge if someone want to join our program on offline bases.” Student can click here to join our Mathematics Enhancement Program.

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You are weak in maths. Join free maths enhancement program.

If you think , you are dumb in Math, just rethink about it . It’s only a mental hurdle or block which you have created in your brain and thoughts. Perhaps, you heard your classmates or your educators or your tutors saying that you are poor in Maths and you too have trusted in this.

I will discuss about myself and experience of my life. I was great in Maths till seventh standard however when I achieved eight standard, I began getting simply passing marks in Maths. I used to get great results and scores in different subjects yet Maths, I just fondled was not made for me. My mom constantly used to contrast me and my senior sister who had clear IIT JEE entrance, that how she was so great and how I can be so poor in Maths. She always compared me with sister, which unmotivated me further for learning maths. It was not that the subject was troublesome. I had joined various math programs with my class fellows . My tutor constantly used to motivate them who were splendid in maths and abuse the ones like me by reproving in front of entire class. I quit the classes immediately and that tutor’s behavior not develop my interest in maths. Than I had quite the tuition classes and focus on my weak areas. I figured out how to pass my Math exam and I felt that join again to this kind of tuition classes are wastage of both time and my parents earnings. I began to practice for my weak areas and focus more on my learning. I requested my parents for one to one home tutoring. My parents understand the point and arranges a home tutor for me. The tutor came for once a week and I just tried to clear my doubts with him. I was not doing spoon feeding like my other classmates where doing. Apart from that I heard about free math enhancement program. I joined the program parallel to my school studies. The program not only motivate me but also support me for weak areas in maths. They provide me customized worksheets so I can practice more for my requirements. I recommend this program to my all classmate who are weak in the maths. At last, All my hard work pay in term of my good score in the maths .In my second term exam my score increase by 20%. Thank you provide free maths enhancement program . If you find out anyone who is weak in maths we will support and teach him/her. Join us today. Please click here to join the program.