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Weak in Math, here is a solution.


Math is much like a building blocks game, which we used to play in childhood. Each concept is defined as a building block. If you want to make a beautiful architecture you have to join a pile of building pieces. Likewise in Mathematics, you need to become expert in one concept before you can successfully go ahead to expand another concept. Our first numerical building pieces are built up in elementary school, when we learn rules for basic mathematics operations like addition, subtraction, division etc, and those first concepts involve our further establishment and expertise in Mathematics.


The following building pieces are useful to learn further concepts in secondary school, and secondary education give us an opportunity to explore concepts of equations and operations. This concepts needs to soak in and turn out to be “firm” before students can proceed onward to grow this structure of learning.


The enormous issue begins to show up at some point between secondary school and higher school, since concepts are become more complex and tougher than previous concepts. In the higher school, more than two to three previous years concepts are used to solve general problem. For example, If we want to learn application of trigonometry, we should understand the Pythagoras Theorem than only the further concepts like sin and cosine of angle can be understood.   Students  who gain a “C” grade in secondary school have retained and comprehended about portion of what they ought to, yet they proceed onward in any case. They proceed onward or are proceeded onward, in light of the fact that


  1. They think a C is adequate;


  1. Parents don’t understand that proceeding onward without a full understanding represents a major issue for higher classes and university education;


  1. Teachers don’t have time to guarantee that each and every child understand each and every concept .


So education move to the college level with a truly incomplete understanding of concepts . Furthermore, the result of any incomplete understanding of concepts  is that there will be a genuine impediment with regards to building—and genuine potential for finish disappointment sooner or later.


The lesson here? Any student who gets a C in a math class should go for a diagnostic test and should understand the weak areas in math. If students know they are weak in Mathematics, they can go for Mathematics enhancement programs. Actually, student can hire a home tutor for one to one concept explanation or can revise previous year Mathematics concept. That’s how you can improve your Mathematics. provide free online Mathematics Enhancement program. As of now more than 300 students already get benefited from this  program. Co-founder Aashish says, “Joining Mathematics Enhancement Program is free of cost, as we do not want to charge for online course.  Any how we do charge if someone want to join our program on offline bases.” Student can click here to join our Mathematics Enhancement Program.

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Why parents should hire a home tutor ?

At school, It is very difficult to understand each and every concept. As we know schools are getting crowded day by day and it is impossible for school teachers to take care for individual student’s academic growth . In school, teachers only focus is to complete the syllabus in time. Due to this students have a tendency to lose enthusiasm for studies. This gap results in poor performance in exams.. You can deal with this issue by going for one to one home tutoring  for your children. We discuss few parameters which can help you to find out a best home tutor for your kid.


Subject proficiency


At the first place, you should check whether the home tutor is having enough subject knowledge or not. You can take one free demo session and check it out the subject knowledge. Student can ask enough doubts to understand tutor’s knowledge. Apart from that,  It is best to request a few references before picking a home tutor. You can straightforwardly request that your tutor give you a few references of previous students.

Communication skills

Home tutor should be excellent in delivering concept. You can check home tutor language proficiency. Tutor should understand student pace and learning medium.  They can  use different approaches towards explaining concepts. Good communication skills helps the tutor to explain concept effectively . is leading home tutoring company. We provide home tutor across the Pune. We do have more than 2000 tutor working with us in Pune. Finding home tutor in Pune just a call away. To hire a tutor click here.

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You are weak in maths. Join free maths enhancement program.

If you think , you are dumb in Math, just rethink about it . It’s only a mental hurdle or block which you have created in your brain and thoughts. Perhaps, you heard your classmates or your educators or your tutors saying that you are poor in Maths and you too have trusted in this.

I will discuss about myself and experience of my life. I was great in Maths till seventh standard however when I achieved eight standard, I began getting simply passing marks in Maths. I used to get great results and scores in different subjects yet Maths, I just fondled was not made for me. My mom constantly used to contrast me and my senior sister who had clear IIT JEE entrance, that how she was so great and how I can be so poor in Maths. She always compared me with sister, which unmotivated me further for learning maths. It was not that the subject was troublesome. I had joined various math programs with my class fellows . My tutor constantly used to motivate them who were splendid in maths and abuse the ones like me by reproving in front of entire class. I quit the classes immediately and that tutor’s behavior not develop my interest in maths. Than I had quite the tuition classes and focus on my weak areas. I figured out how to pass my Math exam and I felt that join again to this kind of tuition classes are wastage of both time and my parents earnings. I began to practice for my weak areas and focus more on my learning. I requested my parents for one to one home tutoring. My parents understand the point and arranges a home tutor for me. The tutor came for once a week and I just tried to clear my doubts with him. I was not doing spoon feeding like my other classmates where doing. Apart from that I heard about free math enhancement program. I joined the program parallel to my school studies. The program not only motivate me but also support me for weak areas in maths. They provide me customized worksheets so I can practice more for my requirements. I recommend this program to my all classmate who are weak in the maths. At last, All my hard work pay in term of my good score in the maths .In my second term exam my score increase by 20%. Thank you provide free maths enhancement program . If you find out anyone who is weak in maths we will support and teach him/her. Join us today. Please click here to join the program.

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Is test papers at school measure student’s intelligence ?

According to founder Aashish Jain, the answer is No. What he think about current test and evaluation system we discuss in this post.

Test and current evolution systems are just measure your knowledge for the particular time period. One day, you may have a friendly discussion with a companion and come to know you’re still battling with Algebra II. School and grades are exactly what you written in exam paper, not what you know.

In other hand,  They decide your memory not your knowledge. The tests you are given in school, decide how great you are at recollecting and memorizing content and facts , not how shrewd you are. I am very shrewd myself and I choose what my evaluations resemble. On the off chance that I am intrigued I will put forth a concentrated effort and get great results and grades. On the flip side if I think it is an exercise in futility I will fail it.

Tests don’t test how savvy you are. They just test what material you can recall, similar to a memory test. Different tests like the SAT just test how great you are at taking that particular test.

Our present tutoring framework are defective on the grounds that they were intended to be founded on something many refer to as the Prussian instruction framework which was intended to create assembly line laborers, or individuals who are great at taking after headings and not really great at learning.

How great you are in school has nothing to do with insight, just with how great you are for complying your teachers and parents. One final thing regardless of what feedback you get from instructors or guardians, about them contrasting you with others or saying that evaluations will decide your destiny is totally wrong. basically conduct weekly test for students not to pressurize them but we use weekly test tool as an opportunity for students. Through weekly test our mentors understand the weak areas of their subjects. Afterwards our mentor discusses test reports with tutors and student so they can understand where to start form and in which area to put more efforts. We use tests as feedback system not to tell parents that your child is weak.

We provide home tutors in Pune and mentors to improve student result.